More Privacy Problems Predicted

For all the good things it offers, the internet slowly has fallen into a world were public and private information is not distinguishable any longer.

Many security and research experts predict a future where general information security and privacy concerns on the web will be forgotten about completely and not a worry to users.

However, they do not believe that will happen for at least another decade or longer.

In simpler terms, another decade with numerous problems pertaining to privacy and possibly even intrusion awaits us. According to results from a large scale research that was carried out by researches from the Pew Center, the fight taking place is against those people who are using the internet’s capabilities to their illicit advantage and to carry out crimes of different sorts.

A poll was conducted as part of the study, which asked the question if there was a possibility to have privacy laws that could be trusted and secure infrastructure for the internet by 2025 that would allow business to monetize and innovate.

The question was divided down the middle by the poll participants. Forty-five percent of people were confident that the infrastructure could be developed in a decade, while 55 percent of people were not as convinced.

What was quite interesting in the results was that both sides of the respondents thought that the internet itself made all information that was on the Web public because it was a public resource.

Several other industry leaders have already responded to the study. Most of them did not have much confidence that the transformation was going to be fast as there were so many loopholes that had to be closed and new way to ensure that hackers cannot obtain information that is personal.

A representative from Bionetworks said he does not think that ten years would be long enough for policies to be changed in order to keep up with the ever changing progress of technology.

Most agree however that it is very hard to predict the safe use of the Internet 5 or 10 years do the road. New safety measures are put into place, but hackers soon find ways to break through those safety nets.