Google Releases Top Searches For 2014

Google had trillions of searches all over the world during 2014. However, the death of one man stole the first place spotlight.

Robin Williams was in the number one spot this year in the worldwide trends chart.

The actor and comedian passed away in August, prompting people worldwide to search the actors name to find more information about what happened and remember the great star.

William’s death was not anticipated, which made people revisit many of this iconic TV and film roles from his career. However, it also inspired many people to research mental health and depression, Google announced.

Sports were also a real hot topic this year: from the World Cup at Brazil to the Winter Olympics at Sochi, internet users were all keeping up with their favorite events and athletes.

They also joined together online and participated in the biggest awareness campaign in the history of Internet. This year, Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS, reached what the company defines as an all-time high in popularity across the globe, because of now world famous the Ice Water Challenge.

It attracted celebrities, professional athletes and common every day hard working people, who dumped ice water on themselves all in the name of finding a cure for an incurable disease. An estimated $100 million was raised in donations for research on the disease.

However, this year was not only games and fun times: ISIS, Flight 370 and Ebola all accounted for millions of searches, as people desperately looked for comfort and answers on the web.

The behemoth search company made a few changes in the past 12 months, the most noticeable one was making it easier for people to search the trending topics for this year directly from the search bar.

All a user must do is look up Google 2014 and he or she will be able to see all the different trends in the world.

For many 2014 was a great and rewarding year, while for others it was tragic and filled with painful memories.

Google through its search bar has made it easy for any Internet user to find what he or she is searching for with just one keystroke.