Choosing the right domain and hosting plan for your business

Every business worth its salt needs some kind of online presence. Even something small like a page on Facebook, a Twitter account or listing on a local directory site is better than ignoring the web altogether, but to really be heard all businesses should have a fully-fledged website. What tool could be better to bolster a brand than a website?


A tangled web

For businesses, websites are invaluable in terms of generating publicity, boosting visibility and marketing an entire range of products and services. They’re also essential for generating online commerce too. As for the consumer, they provide vital information on contacting companies, products and the answers to any queries they may have.

While getting a website is a good idea for any business that doesn’t have one, choosing a domain name and the appropriate hosting package can be difficult. Questions about which domain would be the most successful and how much space is needed could cloud businesses’ judgement when trying to find what they need.

More breathing space

Bandwidth is something your business must take into account when choosing a hosting package. The more you have, the more traffic your site will be able to cope with if there’s a spike in demand for your company’s products/services. However, more bandwidth or space for your site means you have to pay more. There are usually three options you have to choose from:

  • Shared hosting – usually from the hosting company’s own server. The cheapest option but limited bandwidth
  • Virtual private servers – more bandwidth, but flexible in terms of deciding what space you need. Uses multiple servers and is ideal for small businesses
  • Dedicated servers – the most expensive to buy and run but for your money you get more space and security, plus you can cope with a spike in web traffic with ease

Domain dilemma

In terms of choosing the most effective domain name, it should be snappy and memorable. Searching for a domain might seem like hard work, but according to, it’s the easiest part of trying to set up a website. On their blog, they said:

“At Daily, we are aware that technology is constantly advancing and as a result we want to keep improving our features to meet your needs. We’ve speeded up our domain search so that it’s ultra-lightning speed.”

When searching for a domain, you will find out in seconds whether or not it’s available. If so, think carefully before you make a decision, as you will be stuck with that domain for at least a year, depending on how long you’ve bought it for. Domain names are pretty cheap, but a .com or domain would be better, as they’re more recognisable and memorable.