Tiger Woods’ Brother Detained by Authorities

Earl Woods Jr., the half-brother of Tiger Woods, was arrested Friday for a bomb threat he allegedly made in Phoenix, Arizona.

Woods, who is employed by the Department of Economic Security, is alleged to have called the front desk at approximately 8:30 a.m. claiming a bomb would blow up inside the building.

The front desk notified security about the bomb threat and over 100 employees inside the building were then evacuated. According to authorities, when police arrived at the building, Woods voluntarily said he had made the bomb threat call but said it had only been a joke and did not think anyone would take it seriously.

The 58-year old Woods was arrested by police on suspicion of attempting to intimidate, threaten, harass and terrify others. Law enforcement claims that Woods was cooperating fully and extremely apologetic for making the bomb threat.

According to reports, Woods and Tiger his half brother are not close. Tiger however is close to Cheyenne Woods, Earl’s daughter who is a professional LPGA golfer. Tiger has not spoken for some time to his older brother Earl.

In an interview in April 2012 on ESPN.com, Earl said Tiger had not spoken to any half-sibling since Earl Woods Sr., his father had died in 2006.

Earl has been affected by Tiger’s absence in the family. He blames the 14-time major champions for not taking cared of Kevin, another brother, who has multiple sclerosis and is in a wheel chair.

In the interview, he said he would like to slap tiger to wake him up. He said he wanted to tell his brother not to come knocking on his door if he ever needed a bone marrow transplant.

Despite the two not having a close relationship, Earl did not hesitate to make comments while Tiger was going through his personal problems in 2010.

The older Woods has experience when it comes to Tiger making headlines, but on Friday, the headlines were about him. Now, the story will likely not go away as soon as Earl Wood Jr. would like just because his brother is Tiger.

It is still unknown what punishment Wood Jr. might face but he should face a judge for the first time on Monday.