More Smartphone Users Accessing Travel Information

As smartphones become more and more popular, more and more users are accessing travel information from them. A recent study in the U.S. said that over half of all smartphone users accessed some form of travel information over the past 90 days. Nearly 20% of those users reserved a hotel or airline ticket using their handset device.

The most popular activity related to travel that users performed was checking prices of airlines. Over 26% of all users said, they had checked the prices of airfares a minimum of one time in the last 90 days. Flight status, airline phone numbers and flight schedules were checked by 25% of smartphone users.

For the most part, those who checked on travel related material on their smartphones, were looking for information however, many also performed transactions. Over 20% said they had checked in via their phone for their scheduled flight, while 18% said they had reserved a seat on a flight and 10% had cancelled a flight using their smartphone.

For activities related to hotel stays, the most popular amongst smartphone users was getting directions to or finding the address of a hotel. The next most popular activity for users of smartphones related to hotels, was finding all the most popular attractions around the hotel and things to see and do. One of five users also compared hotel prices and read online reviews of hotels.

Sixty-two percent of those people who accessed travel information online were male, while only 52% of the entire smartphone users are male. Nearly 80% of those who accessed online information related to travel were between the ages of 18 and 44.