Finding Cheap Holiday Flights

Cheap holidays. Not words you normally see together in the same sentence, especially when it comes to airfare. However, if you plan well and purchase early, you can save substantially. Here are some great tips that can help you put the phrase ‘cheap holidays’ back on the proverbial Thanksgiving table.

• Purchase your airline tickets on Tuesdays, specifically, 3 p.m. eastern time on Tuesdays. If you go online at this time, you will find some of the best prices to be had. Be forewarned, this is no longer a secret, so there will be hundreds if not thousands of ticket buyers online at the same time. The key is to have a game plan drafted out ahead of time with several different scenarios that will work for you and your family. According to many travel websites, booking strategically is more important than booking early.

• Book your flight for a Wednesday. Yep, that’s the cheapest day to fly. The cheapest time to fly is as early as possible in the morning or if possible on a red eye. Unless it’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, then of course it’s not the least expensive. The second best days to fly are Tuesdays and Saturdays. These days are the least expensive because most business travelers fly on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays.

• Divide and conquer. Traveling solo poses far fewer problems than traveling with a family. If you have very young children, then you will want to book your seats together. If your children are a bit older, consider seating them close but not in the same row, since it’s much easier to book budget flights if you are open to unconventional seating arrangements

• Finally, send any gifts ahead so that you can save on baggage fees.

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