Two Shootings Injure Four Police Officers

In two separate attacks against the Los Angeles Police Department left four police officers shot. The attacks have led to a massive manhunt in one of the incidents and a response by SWAT in another where the suspect is barricaded.

In the first incident, a gunman clad in black ambushed two detectives who were undercover and returning to a police station Tuesday.

Charlie Beck the Police Chief described the first shooting as an assassination attempt. He mobilized a large search that involved helicopters, 200 officers and dogs.

The wounds to the officers did not keep them from aiding in the search for the suspect. As of early Wednesday, police had still not located a suspect.

Initially police cordoned off an area of 25 sq. blocks in the Mid-City section of Los Angeles, which left thousands of people stranded inside their homes and forced drivers to look for detours during their early morning commute.

During the afternoon, the search was moved to neighborhood just to the south of the substation on Wilshire, where the attacked had occurred.

Police detained 10 people for questioning and then they were released. Police were planning to look at videos from surveillance cameras in businesses and homes.

One officer had a wound in the back part of his head, while the other the back of his hand. Both are expected to make full recoveries.

In another incident across town, an officer assisting in a probation check was shot in the face. The gunman then barricaded himself in a home. That officer is in stable condition in a hospital. The probation officer was treated on scene for a graze to the leg.

Officers do not believe the two incidents were related.