Beauty Queen in Venezuela Fatally Shot Amidst Protests

People in Venezuela have hit the streets recently leading to brutal classes between police and protesters. The demands of the protesters are varied, ranging from social to economic.

A beauty queen from the South American country who was also a college student demonstrator was shot and killed on Wednesday during one of the many protests. Her death was the fifth death from the ongoing turmoil in the streets of Caracas the capital city as well as other cities around the nation.

Genesis Carmona, just 22, was rushed to a local hospital by motorcycle, but was pronounced dead upon arrival. Carmona won the 2013 Miss Tourism title in Carabobo, and represented her region at the Venezuela Miss Tourism pageant.

Her twitter account indicates she retweeted messages often including ones from opposition leaders. She supported Leopoldo Lopez who is a leader of one opposition group who turned himself into authorities on Tuesday.

In a national broadcast on television Wednesday night, President Nicolas Maduro spoke about the government forces that were wounded during the protests. He showed videos he said depicted protesters from the opposition setting buses afire and throwing stones.

He said the protesters should leave Venezuela if they do not like it. Student protests nationwide started earlier this month. On February 12, demonstrations received worldwide attention after the deaths of three people.

Demonstrators have demanded better security, freedom of speech and an end to the shortages of goods. Major economic and social problems have been the fuel for the protests.

However, as the protests gained more steam, officials pointed fingers at other things such as accusing the United States of starting a plot to destabilize Maduro’s government.

Some blame the government of Venezuela for the current problems. Maduro and his officials blame opposition groups for the economic and security problems.

Lopez is the most talked about leader of the opposition. He was the face of the current demonstrations, but was detained on charges of murder and terrorism, said his wife.

Lopez faces those charges in the deaths of four protesters and a supporter of the government in different clashes across the country. He was targeted by police since he organized protests that had demanded better security.

Amnesty International called the charges against Lopez politically motivated.