Authorities: Sixth Body Found in Recovered Cars

A 1969 Camaro that was hauled from Oklahoma’s Foss Lake matched the one driven by Jimmy Williams before he disappeared with his friends Leah Johnson and Thomas Rios back in 1970.

Another car, a Chevy from the 1950s, looks to be the vehicle of Alvi Porter, said a relative.

Authorities said they found another body, bringing the total to six, in one of the cars they pulled from the lake.

This discovery could solve the two mysteries of teens who disappeared over 43 years ago and three men who disappeared during the late 1950s or ‘60s.

The cars were spotted by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol while testing its new sonar equipment at the lake in western Oklahoma.

Later divers found the two vehicles at the bottom of the lake and they were hauled to the surface. In both cars, bones were found along with a human skull found in the water.

Investigators are now saying they have six bodies, three in each vehicle.

The names of the victims have not been confirmed, but relatives were already gathering near the water’s edge.

A granddaughter of Alvi Porter said she was 13 when he disappeared and at the time, he drove a green Chevy just as the one found by divers.

The Camaro, said authorities, matches the one Jimmy Williams drove in 1970, when he was with his two friends Rios and Johnson.

Williams was apparently on his way to watch a football game, but he vanished, along with his friends, which terrified the parents of the small town.

Both cars were side by side at the bottom of the lake, decaying for decades in just 12 feet of water.

Stories hung over the town of Sayre, Oklahoma over the fate of the teens ever since they went missing.

Authorities are hoping the discovery will provide some answers for the families who have suffered for four decades.