Authorities find Teen, while abductor Killed in Wilderness of Idaho

California teenage Hannah Anderson who had been missing was found safe in the state of Idaho, while the man who was suspected of abducting her James Lee DiMaggio was killed, said Sheriff’s officials from San Diego County.

William Gore a Sheriff from San Diego said that authorities were notified that the father of the teen said she had been rescued. The father said he was relieved and excited while looking forward to reuniting with his daughter.

The father, Brett Anderson, said he was ecstatic about reuniting with Hannah, but saddened about what had taken place to his wife and son. He also indicated how worried he was about what his daughter had gone through.

DiMaggio was killed at Morehead Lake’s north end by tactical agents from the FBI after they spotted a campsite from the air and a hostage recovery team was sent in. According to the FBI, DiMaggio was killed on Saturday at about 7:15 pm ET.

The FBI said it would send a group to investigate what had unfolded prior to, during and after the shooting of DiMaggio.

Few details were offered by authorities as to what happened in the confrontation they had with DiMaggio on Saturday evening. It was unknown whether the officers had been fired upon prior to them shooting the suspect and killing him.

Anderson does not have apparent injuries physically, but was taken to a nearby hospital where she was to meet with crisis counselors, witness coordinators and providers of health care.

DiMaggio is thought to have killed Christina Anderson, the 44-year old mother of Hannah and Ethan Anderson, Hannah’s 8-year old brother. The bodies of the two were found Sunday night in the burning home of DiMaggio near the California Mexican border.

It is thought that DiMaggio became infatuated with Anderson after bringing her home from a gymnastics meet about two months ago.

However, Brett Anderson said he never noticed any weird glances on DiMaggio’s part towards his daughter and if he had, he would have quashed them immediately.