Yahoo! Urges Users to Change Passwords

Users of the Mail service for Yahoo! Have been urged to change their passwords to something unique and secure after it was announced the Internet giant had a security breach that exposed its login details.

Yahoo! officials said the company reset the different passwords on the accounts connected with the breach in what it called a third party data compromise. The database compromised contained the record of some users of Yahoo!

Yahoo! said the sensitive information has already been used by those who stole the information.

As well as resetting the information, account holders will have to think of a new password, and the Internet giant said it would implement an authentication that is two-factor meaning users who have a mobile number that is associated with their account would be required to enter a code from a SMS message.

The company said that as of yet it has not found any evidence that Yahoo! systems had been compromised by the attackers. The third-party company involved in the security breach was not named.

As well as adopting the use of more secure password practices by regularly changing passwords and using different variations of characters and symbols, users should not at any time use a password that is the same on multiple services or sites, said a senior vice president at Yahoo!

The VP said that by using a password that is the same on many different services makes internet users vulnerable particularly to in these types of cybernet attacks.

This disclosure of a data breach adds the internet giant to an increasing list of major brands that have suffered attacks on data of their users of recent.

Neiman Marcus and Target, two retail giants have both announced major security failures in which systems of point of sale failed to stop attacks that lifted information of users’ payment details.

Michaels the arts and craft retailer announced this week that it was reviewing its systems to see if it had suffered a breach of security.