Speed a Premium Logistics Service

continersSpeed to Africa is a service run jointly from Europe with different destinations across Africa by SDV and Bollore Africa Logistics. By offering the service, the two groups can meet the increased demand through quick and safe deliveries throughout Africa giving their clients a faster and securer supply chain.

Making this such a quick service is the container terminals in Africa. Bollore Africa Logistics is the leading operator of port terminals in Africa.

It is the leader in container terminal management on the continent and ensures that its customers have the best possible service through the development of high quality partnerships that use the best of both the public and private sector that are capable of taking care of all situations using standards that are comparable to any found internationally.

The company also has multilodal transport that it offers its clients making it quicker, easier and safer to move product from the port terminals to the interior of the country.

With its expertise in port terminals through years and years of experience, Bollore Africa Logistics can make sure every client is taken care of on an individual basis and supported by reliable professionals that have had long-term relationships and partnerships with the port authorities.

Up to 300 million euros are invested each year by Bollore Africa Logistics to develop as well as enhance its port terminals to make sure they maintain a level that meets international standards.

The platforms are transshipment built for its customers such as exporters, importers and ship owners.

The ports are gateways to reach the different economies across the African continent that provide access to the landlocked countries on the continent.

Bollore Africa Logistics had its roots set in Africa that are close to one century old. The company has an integrated logistics network that is unrivalled that has helped with the social and economic development of the continent of Africa.