Aluminum is Best for Building Docks and Pontoons

aluminum-docksAluminum docks and pontoons have many advantages over other materials. Aluminum is the best material to use when putting docks in a harsh marine environment.

Each dock system made of aluminum should be built for long lasting, high performance and cost efficient for the location and project it is being built for.

Whether it is an aluminum dock or aluminum pontoons the structures will have many more benefits when aluminum is used.

An aluminum dock is heavy duty and made for heavy traffic. These types of docks are used at popular public places such as theme parks and busy boat launches. The pontoons made of aluminum are made to stand up to large weight capacity, but are lightweight and can withstand the harsh marine environment.

Marine grade frames of aluminum act as the foundation of the docks, while the decking itself is non-slip that gives an overall excellent design that is built to last against the harshest marine environments. Whether the project is for fresh water or the ocean, aluminum docks or pontoons are the most durable and long-lasting.

Maintenance is an important issue when it comes to choosing the type of material to use for a dock or pontoon. An aluminum dock will not crack like cement or concrete, will not rust as steel will and will not rot as wood will.

Due to the natural protective coating of aluminum and its resistance to corrosion, maintenance is minimal when building with aluminum.

Because aluminum will not corrode the maintenance budget needed for this type of dock or pontoon is much less than with other building materials.

The aluminum deck will last much longer and once it does reach its age limit or needs to be replaced, it is also completely recyclable making it the best choice when replacing or building a new dock or pontoon.