Rumored Small iPhone Could Bring Apple a Big Moment

A new iPhone 5se is rumored to be in the works and could find just the right spot amongst smartphone users for its size, features and price.

The iPhone 5c could be Apple’s most confusing iPhone made. Released together with its sibling the iPhone 5s back in 2013, the handset that was unapologetically plastic was seen as a less expensive alternative by many to the higher priced flagship and a way for Apple to attack the midrange market share much like the iPod nano did.

However, that did not happen to be the case. The iPhone 5c basically was nothing more than an iPhone 5 dressed colorfully. The changes on the inside were minimal and its cost was exactly that of a discounted iPhone 5, despite its enclosure made of metal.

The model has since been retired, but now it seems the 5c spirit is returning to life. A rumor just released by a reliable Apple rumor site said that Apple is planning on releasing a new handset that is a combination of a 5s body and the 6s power, that has been dubbed the iPhone 5se.

Size does matter. In a world of smartphones with bigger and bigger displays, the iPhone 5s screen of 4-inches was small to say the least.

Now only because it is not able to measure up as far as pixels are concerned, Tim Cook the CEO said during last week’s earnings call that 60% of the users of iPhones have not yet upgraded to the larger screens on the 6 of 6s.

There could be many reasons for that like switching over to an Android, cost, procrastinators, but it seems a large enough chunk might simply not want a model that is larger and are not wanting to even try one out.

For those that moved on to a bigger screen the iPhone 5 might look tiny, but for those who have not, seem to think the iPhone 5 screen size of 4-inches is more than sufficient.

Those who are not interested in taking that super size do not have that many good options. The only iPhone by Apple that is a strong a capable one is the 5s.