New Program Launched by Sprint

Sprint has announced a new program that will give customers the opportunity to upgrade phones every year. Sprint is the last of four national wireless carriers that has targeted clients who want newer devices.

One Up, Sprint’s new plan is very similar to T-Mobile’s Jump, which allows for upgrades more frequently, but carries a monthly fee of $10 to participate.

Sprint’s however is free, but does not have insurance, as does Jump. Just as T-Mobile, Sprint has lowered the cost monthly for text, data and voice services, while charging the cost of the phone in installments.

However, unlike its competitor T-Mobile, Sprint’s discount concludes after the customer pays off the phone in two years. Customers of T-Mobile keep a lower service rate indefinitely.

Verizon and AT&T also allow their customers to have upgrades on phones prior to the usual 24 months are over.

However, neither the AT&T Next nor Verizon Edge program lowers the month fees, so their clients pay a higher price overall.

For instance, the iPhone 5S usually costs $200 or over $450 cheaper that its full price at a retail outlet. With the Edge program, customers pay the full $650. Next offers a price of $540, but that is $340 more than what normally is paid by customers.

Sprint announced that its program was available to existing and new customers on My Way, Unlimited and My All in programs starting Friday. However, it is not available yet in Washington D.C. or Florida.

Customers wanting to sign on for the One Up programs are required to purchase a tablet or smartphone that is eligible and must agree to 24 months of payments.

Sprint said after 12 consecutive payments or the customer paying 50% of the cost of the phone, they could upgrade to another new tablet or smartphone. However, the phone or tablet must be in good condition without a cracked screen or other type of damage.