Hollywood Scared of Google Says Leaked Emails

Leaked emails that were released from the cyber-attack against Sony proved that big movie companies are currently working as a team with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) on an idea, which is aimed to take down a “Goliath” Internet search company.

It is quite certain they are referring to the web giant Google.

The first report from an online firm included a message from a lawyer from the MPAA, Steven Fabrizio, which laid out in detail, the strategy that was to be used against “Goliath.”

From a Hollywood point of view, the Goliath company is allowing piracy online. Apparently, Hollywood’s goal with the plan was to stop access to online pirated movies.

Fabrizio stated that from the start they had to block websites in order for the pirating to be ended once and for all.

However, what is very impressive about the emails is that most of the studios, which are normally in competition with each other, are teaming up and working together with MPAA in order to take down an enemy that not any of them can mention by name.

There are many reasons that all movie studios are scared of Google. It is a huge company with endless amounts of money that even Congress has had to treat very lightly.

It sounds as if all the companies and the MPAA are trying to come up with a solution that is technical but they do not really know exactly what it could be.

Fabrizio stated that there were small quantities systematic work that have been done to better understand the issues relating to blocking web sites in the United States.

Hollywood is worried about any negative publicity that could come from them moving forward on action against the “Goliath.”

Google has recently tweaked and changed its search-engine to make searching for movies, which are pirated much harder.

However, there is nothing that points to the company working with the MPAA any time soon. Fixing the search engine is likely not good enough for the MPAA.