Harley-Davidson Sales Stall Causing Earnings to Sputter

On Tuesday, Harley-Davidson said revenue and profit slid during the most recent quarter, although earnings were still better than what Wall Street had expected.

Shares, which slid this year by 17%, were up Tuesday 3.6% in trading before the bell.

The company, based in Milwaukee, said that worldwide dealer sales of its new motorcycles were lower by 1.4% during the quarter that ended during June, in comparison to the same period one year ago.

Dealers in the U.S. sold 57,790 motorcycles, which was down from last year during the same period of 58,220, while European, Africa and the Middle East sales dropped 8.9%.

For the three-month period, Harley-Davison posted a $299.7 million profit equal to $1.44 per share compared to last year of $354.1 million equal to $1.62 per share. The company posted $1.65 billion in revenue for the period compared to last year’s $1.83 billion.

Harley-Davidson topped expectations of analysts of $1.39 a share in earnings, though its revenue came up short of the expected target of $1.67 billion.

The company announced that the latest results of the quarter were in line with forecasts following an April decision to lower shipments of motorcycles from 2015 initial projections due to unfavorable impacts from foreign exchange.

The gains in the dollar against a host of international currencies have reduced the value of international sales at Harley-Davidson in the most recent quarters.

The company has affirmed its guidance from before and said it will ship from 276,000 to 281,000 motorcycles during 2015, which is between 2% and 4% higher than in 2014.

For the ongoing quarter, the company expects it will ship 54,000 to 59,000 bikes in comparison to the 50,670 it shipped during the third quarter of 2014.

Through the first six months of the year, Harley-Davidson net income for 2015 was over $569.6 million for consolidated revenue of more than $3.5 billion in comparison to 2014 six-month net income in 2014 of $620.1 million on revenue of more than $3.73 billion.