Food Packaging and Front Labeling

B230214_strFNPicture1A recent study says that food labeling on the front of a package boosts the ability of a consumer to make choices that are more informed by being able to comprehend the nutritional data better.

The study dives head first into the value of having nutritional labels on the front side of food packages and containers. Scientists who carried out the study concluded that labeling on the front of a package significantly improved the reader’s ability to comprehend the nutritional data of the enclosed food, helped the reader in making a more educated decision on buying food and lowered the necessity of poring over the Nutrition Facts label that is minutely detailed.

Of course, this addition of front side packaging does not require a change in food packaging equipment only in the content that is on the label.

Consumers in the study were given four versions of package labeling to look at including one with no nutrition information on the front, one with just the amount of calories on the labelling, one with nutrients to limit and calories on the label and one with nutrients to encourage or limit and the number of calories. The participants also had access a Nutrition Facts panel that was complete.

Nutrient amounts had to be identified and the daily values percent wise per serving of the products. The participants also were required to answer how easy it was to answer the questions, and then which product out of the whole group was the best choice nutritionally in their opinion.

The results showed that the more data on the front of the package, the better the consumers were able to identify as well as comprehend the food’s nutritional attributes. This type of packaging can be used through using a FFS Machine that has an affordable design and gives the user the ability to lower operating costs through optimizing productivity.

In addition, the people with education levels that were lower, showed more gains in data value, which shows there is a narrowing of the gap between the less educated and those who understand the food labels.

Of course, this labelling can be used on a myriad of different labels and across all food types from meats to vegetables and dairy products line to dessert products.