Chobani Moving Beyond Just Greek Yogurt

Chobani plans on expanding behind just its Greek yogurt cups that have become so popular. The expansion this summer is due to the increasing amount of competition in the quick growing category.

Beginning in July, the yogurt company is planning to sell Chobani Oats, a mixture of yogurt that is mixed with oats and fruit; a dessert that is called Chobani Indulgent with new flavors geared towards children.

Later during the year, the company, based in Norwich, New York, will introduce savory dips, said Peter McGuinness its Chief Marketing Officer.

Chobani has gone through a testing phase of the new offerings at its New York City café in the SoHo neighborhood.

The company, which remains privately owned, has grown very quickly over the past years, riding a surge in Greek yogurt popularity. It is currently the biggest seller in the U.S. of Greek Yogurt.

However, competition is increasing with Danone and General Mills investing heavily in their brands of Greek yogurt.

Whole Foods has recently decided to stop selling Chobani so it can make room additional Greek yogurt alternatives.

McGuinness said that Chobani Oats would be the first product of the company designed specifically to compete in the category of breakfast. He said the new offering would be positioned to compete with oatmeal, cereal and bars instead of other types of yogurts.

Although in the new offering the oats will be mixed with the yogurt, it will remain al dente not mushy. The yogurt cups with oats will be slight higher than its cups with just yogurt at a price that will range from $1.20 to $1.50.

The company when asked about its plans to raise new capital to fund expansion, he said that company executives were still in talks to how that would be accomplished.

The yogurt sector has increased in popularity especially the Greek yogurt sector recently due to its properties that are said to be healthier than normal yogurt that is offered by many different companies.