Judge Asked To Rule On Gabor Case

A judge who currently is overseeing the conservatorship of Britney Spears’ has been asked to appoint a conservator for Zsa Zsa Gabor’s medical care and finances. A hearing was scheduled for May 2 by Judge Reva Goetz of the Los Angeles Superior Court to hear a request filed by Gabor’s daughter, Francesca Hilton.

Gabor, born in Hungary, at one time was one of the most glamorous women in Hollywood. However, health problems over the last two years, including a leg amputation and broken hip have left her bedridden.

Her daughter contends that her mother’s present husband, her ninth, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, is increasingly isolating her and keeping her heavily sedated. Hilton questions the husbands’ handling of the finances of her mother.

The daughter’s lawyer said his client was only looking out for the best interests of her mother. After the filing, von Anhalt held a news conference to dispute the daughter’s claim that a conservator is necessary.

He said, “Zsa Zsa is not complaining. She says her condition is fine and feels good.”

The filing on Tuesday question why Gabor’s husband borrowed more than $700,000 against Gabor’s Bel Air mansion that is valued at over $10 million. The filing says the mansion is reportedly going through foreclosure due to unpaid mortgage payments.