Bieber Battery Case Sent to District Attorney

The Sheriff’s Department in Los Angeles has completed its investigation and handed it over to local prosecutors Tuesday to determine if prosecutors will bring charges against Justin Bieber for the alleged brawl that took place between he and a paparazzi photographer.

The District Attorney now has the case, said a sheriff spokesperson and it is up to them if they will press charges against Mr. Bieber or not. The D.A. will decide whether to proceed with criminal prosecution for what took place in a shopping center in the city of Calabasas, California. Bieber’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez was present at the time of the alleged altercation.

The sheriff’s office would not make a comment as to whether Bieber, Gomez or both were interviewed during the investigation, though one source said eyewitnesses had been questioned. The new development on Tuesday came at the same time that the new album for Bieber, titled Believe, was released. The pop singer from Canada could face a sentence of six months if he is charged and then found guilty of the alleged battery.

The photographer involved in the incident is Jose Sarros who said in an interview with Celebuzz, that he still did not have a lawyer and the report that was made that he had spoken to a lawyer was not true, but he could not comment any further about the pending case.

Sarros has told the sheriff’s office that he was struck in the face by Bieber during their scuffle. He also complained of having pain and needing medical attention after the altercation took place and was transported to a hospital.