Denver Investors Optimistic about Markets

According to the recent Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Investor Pulse survey, investors from Denver with at least $100,000 in investable assets are optimistic about the growth of the state, United States, and global economies as well as the prospects of their portfolio. They are also optimistic that they will reach their personal financial goals.

83 percent off investors who responded to the poll expect their investment portfolio to be better or the same at the end of the year. The same amount believes their financial well-being will be the same or better.

82 percent also expect Colorado’s economy to be the same or better. 77 percent of Americans, as a whole, are less bullish about their states’ economies.

71 percent of investors in Colorado expect the global economy to improve. 65 percent believe that the nation’s economy will improve.

82 percent are sure that they will reach their long term financial goals. 79 percent of those not yet retired are sure that they are on track in their retirement planning.

91 percent said they were concerned about macro issues such as the nation’s budget deficit. 87 percent said they were worried about increased conflicts overseas. 87 percent were concerned about economic prospects in the United States. 84 percent were concerned about the trade deficit. 80 percent were worried about the downgrade of the US sovereign debt. 80 percent were worried about the impact of terrorism in the United States. 79 percent were worried about affordable quality healthcare. 77 percent were concerned about decreased Medicare coverage.

Equities such as stocks, ETFs and mutual funds, got 44 percent of investors’ portfolios. 19 percent were for cash. 18 percent were for fixed income investments. 19 percent of investments were made out of alternatives and commodities.

45 percent of investors said gold was good investment prospect for the year. 40 percent answered commodities and other precious metals. 39 percent said S&P 500 index funds. 38 percent said dividend bearing stocks. 37 percent answered Dow Jones Industrial Average Index.