Website Aims to Remove Hassle at Airport

A new site on the Internet, Airport Chatter, which launched a number of weeks ago, is designed to help eliminate the hassle of navigating through an airport. Airports can be monstrous in size and difficult to navigate. Therefore, knowing how to locate important places like restaurants, coffee shops or if you are close to your gate is very important.

Two young tech wizards Izzy Kirsh and Mark Wagner are the brains behind Airport Chatter. The 20-somethings currently reside in Miami and Toronto respectively. Both are travel aficionados and saw the need of making it easier to get around any and every airport.

Around the U.S., the average airport consists of three terminals, about 18 airlines, 30 shops, 40 restaurants, three lounges, 25 services, shuttles, taxis, limos, public transportation, parking areas and a number of hotels in the general vicinity.

The site has detailed profiles for a number of the largest and busiest airports across the United States. The profiles include all the eateries, services, shops and lounges at each airport. The list of airports has reached 53 and there are over 6,000 venues in all. The site tells you where you can eat after you have cleared security or what the prices are for short-term or long-term parking.

There is also a platform for community input, where services or venues can be reviewed, rated and shared with other travelers. It is free to navigate on the site, but to post a personal review you must log in via Twitter or Facebook or register directly on the Airport Chatter site.