Spammers launch attack with Fruit

Instagram, the network for photo sharing, was hit by a spam attack that was unusually colorful. Some would even say the site went bananas on Saturday.

An Instagram representative has confirmed through an email that the network was hit hard by a fruity spam attack, one in which was more colorful than most spam attacks usually are.

The network became flooded on Saturday with photos of different fruit, which contained a link to a page that was marketing a diet regimen that was fruit based.

The link apparently was pointed to a fake news page from the BBC that had a headline that read “Tropical Fruit Burns over 17 pounds in just 22 days.”

Some users of the site had received from Instagram a password reset message via email that said passwords for users might have been compromised.

Instagram also released a statement that said a small percentage of their users had experienced an incident with spam where photos that were unwanted had been posted from their accounts.

It continued by saying the span and security team quickly took action to secure all of the accounts that had been involved in the incident and deleted all of the posted photos.

CBS in Miami reported that, the link-shortener, whose service was used in generating the link that was attached to the spam photos, put a page on its site warning users that there could be malicious content in the link.

However, it is still not clear how many user accounts were actually mangoed or better yet mangled by the fruit-filled attack.