Nokia World Unveils Tablets and Phablets

Nokia unveiled its first set of phablets – oversized smartphones – as well as its first flat board tablet computer.

The Windows Phone new phablets introduce a new ability to edit which of the objects in a particular photo are in focus, even after the photo has been taken.

The Windows RT tablet contains a data chip of 4G, unlike the recently announced Microsoft Surface 2.

The Abu Dhabi Nokia World will likely be remembered as the last major event by the Finnish firm prior to it completing its hardware unit sale to Microsoft.

The software giant agreed to purchase Nokia’s business for $7.4 billion. The deal should be closed by the early part of 2014.

One economic analyst said the Nokia sale should help the U.S. company’s efforts of promoting its different mobile platforms versus the current leaders in the market iOS and Android.

For the past two years Nokia and Microsoft’s marketing efforts banged heads against one another at times and therefore one large effort will be better that two small ones, said an industry analyst

The share Microsoft has of the tablet and handset markets is increasing, but from a low level to begin with, according to one research firm on the Internet.

Windows Phone had a 3.3% market share of sales of smartphones during the quarter between April and June, with Nokia proving to be the brand that was most popular.

Nokia revealed two phablets at the launch in the UAE. Both the Lumia 1320 and Lumia 1520 feature displays that are 6 inches in size, allowing extra rows for apps on the home screen.

The company said the extra space also would make it easier for users to use the touchscreen keyboards on the phone, suggesting it would appeal to business users that were used to productivity software.