Electric Linear Actuators and Remote Control in Your Boat

Electric linear actuators are electromagnetic devices that can operate, produce and deliver a progressive oscillatory or un-directional short stroke motion. The force developed by electromagnetism in the actuator produces a motion. Linear electric machines are associated with long linear progressive movements such as transportation and other similar operations.

Electric linear actuators 12v are now preferred in a wide range of motion applications where the application needs raising and positioning, moving and many more motion applications. They are mostly controlled by preprogrammed processes enhanced by remote control which can be configured to 30 different programmed positions. The integrated motion control ensures accuracy in work produced. They are used in places that include;

Directional Motion applications

Linear electric actuators produce motion by electromagnetic field. These in most cases are directional short motion which is used in lifting operations such as in saloons, cabins. They are typically used for adjustment of tables, chairs and to extend and retract displays, TVs.

In Ignition

They are used in enclosed areas, such as engine bodies where dangerous fumes can build up. And also used in this salt water environment, O-ring seals and feature heavy-wall rod and extension tube electric actuators are used for ignition for efficiency.

Electric Adjustable Beds

With a help of remote control, linear electric actuators produce short motions that are used to provide comfort in lowering and rising of electric adjustable beds with a smooth and quiet adjustments.


Actuators do the heavy lifting by supplying between 18’ to 24’ stroke. Actuators are capable to operate for use on seat lifts, lifts, and windshield adjustment. All actuators are operated by a button which enabled by remote control.