Apple said to be designing cheaper, bigger iPhones

Today’s mobile devices are conglomerations of a number of devices from a camera, to a tablet to a telephone and for an iPhone could set you back as much as $1,200.

An insider has said that Apple is considering releasing a new version of their popular iPhone that is bigger and cheaper.

The new line of iPhones would also come in different colors and would become a big competitor to rival Samsung’s line of mobile devices and smartphones.

However, the insider said the changes to the iPhone are still under discussion, as the Cupertino, California based company is facing increasing pressure in the smartphone industry from the electronics giant based in South Korea.

The two bigger new versions of the iPhone being discussed would have screens 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches respectively.

The latest iPhone 5 was the first of the iPhones to move away from the 3.5-inch traditional screen, but is considered small compared to many of the other smartphones currently available in the market.

If Apple does offer the two new iPhone versions with larger screens, it would be venturing into the newly dubbed market of Phablets, which are smartphones that are thicker, but not quite the size to be called just a tablet.

Other sources said Apple would launch two new models during 2013, to be called the iPhone 5S, with one featuring fingerprint technology and one a cheaper version with a casing made of plastic.