Breast Implants Are Not A Health Risk

One of Britain’s top medical experts has announced that the breast implants from a French manufacturer that are faulty, do not pose a long-term health risk if they rupture inside a woman. Poly Implant Prothese, the now defunct company from France made the implants that were pulled last year from the market in a number of countries amid worries they might rupture and began leaking silicone in a woman’s body.

In Britain, over 47,000 women are thought to have received the implants from PIP. The implants were filled with an industrial silicon instead of the usual medical-grade. The government of Britain asked its director of the National Health Service, Bruce Keogh to head an investigation late last year to assess it there was a threat to the health of women who had the implants.

Over 240,000 implants were studied by Keogh and his colleagues, of different brands that were received by 130,000 women living in England. They also looked at data from France, Australia and other countries. On Monday, Keogh said that studies indicate the PIP implants were more apt to rupture than those made my other manufacturers, but they do not pose any long-term health risk in women who have the implants. Tests, he said, have been conducted in many countries and they show that the implants are not toxic to women.

Therefore, he said they do not believe a long-term health risk is associated with the PIP implants. However, he said the implants are not up to standard when put in comparison to other similar implants. They are also much more likely to be ruptured.