Gunman carried AK-47 inside School

On Tuesday, the gunman who entered an elementary school in Georgia and opened fire was armed with a number of different weapons, including an AK-47, said police.

The shooter entered the front office of the school and barricaded himself inside, with the employees before eventually turning himself in to police.

Authorities said there were no injuries in the incident. The alleged shooter is 20-year old Michael Brandon Hill who is facing charges of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, possession of a firearm by a felon and terroristic threats.

Six shots were fired by the shooter from within the school towards officers when approached from outside.

Police did not know whether the suspect had any connection to the school. The school is located only seven miles from the downtown area of Atlanta.

Police said they believe the gunman was able to enter the school walking behind someone else.

Administrators and teaches guided students to an outside lawn area near the gym, where they stayed while investigators looked through the school to make sure no additional threat was present.

Explosives became a worry because of a comment made by the suspect so schoolchildren were led through a hole in a fence the SWAT teams cut to nearby busses.

Later in the afternoon on Tuesday, parents were able to reunite with their children at a shopping center that was nearby the school.

Authorities said the situation turned out much better than what could have happened. With the guns the suspect possessed, authorities said that loss of life could have taken place at the school if the man had not been stopped.

The brother of the suspected gunman told authorities his brother had problems with medical disorders and he thought his brother would do something stupid eventually.

Timothy Hill said he was not close to his younger brother and said he has not seen him since January of 2011. Hill said his brother had threatened to kill him at one time.