Crash in Upstate New York Shocks First Responders

Even firefighters who have been on the job for years said they were shocked when they responded to an accident that killed seven in New York. The accident took place about 25 miles from Syracuse in the town of Truxton.

Crushed cars were being hauled in a trailer that brook free of the rig that it was being pulled by. The trailer then cut across the two-lane rural road and slammed into a van that was desperately attempting to avoid a collision.

Seven passengers – four children and three adults – were killed. The children were between the ages of 4 and 7. One other adult survived and was listed in good condition in a local hospital.

Many who were first responders could not believe their eyes when they came up the accident.

Law enforcement officials believe the van’s driver saw the huge trailer approaching them and drove off the road in an attempt to avoid it.

The trailer hit the van and tore it apart. Killed in the accident were a 26-year old mother and her two daughters ages 4 and 5. In addition two other adults one 21 and one 24 were killed and two other children ages 4 and 7.

A male, the father of the children ages 4 and 7 was in Syracuse in a local hospital. All of those who lost their lives were from the area.

The 24 year old and 21 year old who died had been engaged since sometime in 2011.

Two victims ended up underneath the trailer and jacks had to be used to lift the trailer to extract the bodies. Authorities said it was likely that all of the dead died instantly upon impact.