Couple Gets Life for Killing Teen Daughter

Five years ago, Aarushi Talwar was killed in a suburb of New Delhi where she had lived with her mother and father. The two were given life sentences on Tuesday for her death as well as the death of the cook who worked for the family.

The parents are both dentists and the legal case has dominated India’s headlines and polarized its population. Nupur and Rajest Talwar had reportedly burst into tears after hearing their conviction and sentence, while vowing to appeal their verdict.

The defense lawyer for the Talwars said the case was based mainly on circumstantial evidence and was nothing more than a witch hunt, which has resulted in a miscarriage of justice.

Shortly after authorities found the girl’s body in May of 2008, the couple became suspects, with the precision of a surgeon.

Police at first named the missing housekeeper of the Talwars as the prime suspect in the case, until his body was found one day later on the terrace above the teenager’s room.

The case of double murder became a closely watched legal whodunit, with dramatic turns by prosecutors and police.

The investigation has determined that both of the victims were hit originally with a golf club and then someone had slit their throats.

Several motives were offered by police in their prosecution, including it being an honor killing.

Several others were questioned as possible suspects, but after the case had come to a halt, the Talwars requested a new investigation and police evidentially turned to them as the suspects.

Prosecutors said Aarushi had been killed in a fit of rage when her parents found her in an objectionable position with the servant who was 45 years old.

The couple was middle class successful dentists. The trial took place at a time when more and more focus is being placed on violent crimes against women, due to the gang rapes that took place in 2012 and early 2013.

The case brought up awkward questions relating to the relationships between poor Indian servants and wealthy Indian family.