Will Experimental Marketing Work in 2012 and Beyond?

In this day and age for your marketing campaign to work you need to have a slightly different approach that people haven’t seen before. People are very skeptical these days and it can be easy to dismiss something that we see being advertised as unimportant. Even TV ads are about a third as effective as they were a decade ago due to these same reasons. At the same time, some newer techniques are working better than ever. A good example of this would be with experiential marketing because of the way that it really engages the potential customer to interact with the company itself.

Understanding exactly what experiential marketing is can be a bit tricky though. Basically it is a cross-media promotion activity that encourages two-way interaction and direct physical immersion into a brand. This type of marketing communicates with people on a much more personal level which helps them to feel important and cared about before they realize that someone is actually trying to sell them something. Think about things this way – when was the last time that you didn’t fast forward through commercials on TV if you had the chance? Or how about ads on the internet – do you even notice them anymore or do you just scroll past them? It is things like this that is helping to make experiential marketing more and more popular every day.

Of course you need a different approach and experiential marketing is usually done in person, often at an event. People are much more inclined to listen to the words of an actual person compared to just a face or voice on the TV or radio. It has been said that experiential marketing is a great tool to be used in building customer relationships for the long term which is something that is quite easy to agree with. It can also be implemented when a group of customers is already established such as an organization that hires a guest speaker.

So in the always changing face of advertising if you can’t keep up then you will be left behind. If you are struggling with your marketing and advertising campaigns then you might want to give experiential marketing a go and see if you can get some more results. There are many agencies out there as well that specialize in this sort of thing and will be able to give you that push you need in the right direction.