Shortages of iPhones in Europe Cause Frustration

The new Apple iPhones 5S and 5C debut today, but short supply of one of the phones in parts of Europe has left mobile carriers concerned and frustrated, said the BBC news network.

A number of networks said the stock of the latest high-end model, the 5S, was limited throughout the UK and that is sure to cause great disappointment.

All of the networks that had been contacted by the new agency did not want their names used due to worries they would be disadvantaged further when their supplies had been replenished.

When contacted in the U.S., Apple said its policy is to not make comments on the stock levels of its products.

However, carriers in the UK said that the supplies of Apple’s lower end model, the 5C, were plentiful.

Insiders at two of the carriers believe that Apple was attempting to drive sales of the less expensive 5C, but looking at the low figures it seemed customers were not that confident in placing orders for the 5C.

Apple prevented retailers as well as carriers for allowing customers to make 5S pre-orders.

A spokesperson from one of the carriers, said there were a number of crates containing the 5C, but the 5S, the higher end model was hardly a drop in the bucket and that everyone was left out in the dark over the schedule Apple has for sending additional stock.

One report showed that less than 60 minutes after the 5S went on sale inside the UK, the website of Apple had listed it as not being available for between 7 and 10 business days in the UK.

An insider at the flagship Apple store in London on Regent Street, said employees were not given the stock levels of the 5S due to company security reasons.

The U.S. has also had similar issues with the amount of stock available of the 5S for Friday’s launch.