Asset Labels – What You Need to Know


Businesses both large and small will understand the important of keeping tabs on each piece of business equipment. Expensive hardware needs to be tracked appropriately and with the simple application of a durable, easily used label, all assets can be easily accounted for.

So how would your business benefit from asset labels?

IT equipment

Often the most expensive equipment used in a business is IT equipment – laptops, computers and screens. To keep tabs on exactly where this equipment is and who might be using it, asset labels are essential. They also assist in the checking of warranty status, service contracts and make auditing much easier.

The presence of the label is also likely to deter thieves who don’t want to take a laptop which has the potential to be tracked.

Often, in the case of multiples of the same item, it can be difficult to differentiate between equipment. This is an added bonus of using asset labels.

Top tip from Stuart Jailler of Seareach Ltd – “For a low cost, thousands of pieces of a corporations’ electronic equipment can be marked with an asset identification label and tracked in inventory software. From loaning equipment between departments, through to the effective control of company assets, this is an essential part of business housekeeping that is often overlooked.”


Tamper-proofing equipment is a must when protecting hardware. Simply place the sticker over the part of the computer which is not to be touched and any tampering will quickly become evident. This is a method commonly used by large businesses when finding liability for broken equipment.

Most companies choose void labels for this; labels which clearly read ‘VOID’ when they are removed.


For the security of office equipment and expensive computer equipment, tracking is essential. With potential sensitive data increasingly stored on office equipment, it’s absolutely vital for any equipment that has gone missing to be found as soon as possible.

Clearly labelling each item with the company name, company logo and security hologram, the inclusion of a sequential barcode and number makes tracking of equipment easy.

Asset numbers are easily tracked after they are stored within asset management software. It’s much easier to track things by the simple use of a barcode. Not only does this give employees peace of mind, but the company as a whole.


It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to insist on evidence of ownership when it comes to company items. This is why an asset register is so important.

Many people choose to use asset labels for their personal equipment, such as phones and mp3 players. The added insurance of clear labelling offers solace when something important goes missing.

It can waste valuable time and money trying to track a lost item; and if the item is replaced only for the original to be found, more money is wasted. It’s well worth the simple application of an asset label system in this respect.