Ashley Madison Rebounds with Millions of New Users

They say that no publicity is bad publicity and for Ashley Madison, the site for men who want to have an affair that might very well be the case.

A massive breach of data that exposed information of millions of spouses who were unfaithful apparently has not kept the site from going down.

It turns out that the infamous site that attracts adulterers has added over 4 million new members since the breach became very public, when data was dumped onto the Internet.

This past August, when the breach took place, Ashley Madison claimed it had more than 39 million users. The site now shows on its counter that it has over 43 million members.

The parent company for Ashley Madison is Avid Life Media, which declined any comment about the uptick in users. Only weeks after the huge data breach, Avid Life announced that people continued to sign up in droves for their site.

Despite our customers and business being attacked, the company is growing, said Avid Life in a prepared statement at that time. It added that there were hundreds of thousands of users signing up during the latter part of August including over 87, 600 women.

The breach released personal details of users that included their ages, addresses, phone numbers, sexual fantasies and details for their payment cards.

That information was then published online by the hackers and they said they had done this because they claim the company did not delete details of users who paid to have profiles erased.

There have been claims circulating that the vast majority of users are men on Ashley Madison and many of the profiles of women were created by the site’s staff.

The company denies creating fake accounts, even after one disgruntled former employee said she was told to create over 1,000 fake profiles for females on the company’s Portuguese language site.

On its site, the company states it cannot guarantee any authenticity of any of the profiles. For revenue, it relies completely on men, as women are able to join free.