Amazon to Hire 70,000 During Holidays

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of will hire thousands of employees to help stay abreast of the deliveries from the online juggernaut. The company is making preparations for this prior to the expected busy shopping months during the Christmas holiday.

The e-commerce pioneer announced plans to add over 70,000 seasonal full-time jobs in the U.S. The new positions will be in the different fulfillment centers during the holidays and are to meet the huge increase in sales during the season.

The hiring boom to cover this year’s holiday seasonal increase is 40% higher than a last year, when the retail giant of the Internet hired over 50,000 workers for the season.

Amazon shares have increased by 24% since the beginning of the year on the expectation of continued growth in company sales from Kindle devices, media, its superstore online and its service for the Web.

Bezos is known to maintain a tight control on product secrecy, but made a rare tour with the media to express the bright future of Amazon to the business world.

The CEO of Amazon said he would in no way want to be a pitchman for a company. Partly since, he is always actively involved in the product development in the company. He much prefers to sit with his design team for new products and talk about what the upcoming products are going to be.

The company said that in 2013 it converted 7,000 of last year’s 50,000 temporary hires to full time positions in different areas around the country.