10 Ways To Make Students Focus On A Subject

Students find some subjects interesting and the teacher makes little or no effort to get and retain the students’ attention. Students may face difficulty in focusing on some subjects and may require assistance from the teacher. According to order custom essay online service, getting students to focus is not easy, below are ten ways to make students focus on a subject.

  1. Involve students in the lecture


Encourage classroom participation by asking questions and allowing students to ask you questions, giving the students assignments they can present in class, it is also an opportunity to gauge their understanding level. The teacher can also ask for volunteers for practical demonstrations. Creating a lively classroom ensures that the students are alert and are more likely to stay focused and understand what is being taught.

  1. Make clear presentations


Speak loudly, clearly and with confidence. Show enthusiasm in the subject. If you show passion and confidence in what you are teaching, the students will also get interested.  Make eye contact with the students, determine if they are following what you are saying or not. Repeat when they appear lost.

  1. Use visuals related to the subject

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, break up text with illustrations. Use plots, maps graphs and diagrams to show relationships and patterns and to display large amounts of information in a more understandable way.

  1. Do not create a predictable learning environment


Students disengage from predictable lessons or lectures. Create spontaneity by mixing lectures with group work, hands on activities, physical activity and multimedia and technology.

  1. Reflection

Let the students determine what is preventing them from staying focused like feeling hungry, sitting near a friend, problems at home or having worried thoughts. Try to address these issues if possible.

  1. Use Humor

Create a positive climate for learning by incorporating humor. Do not appear too serious, crack a joke related to the subject or laugh at yourself if you say something wrong or silly. A bit of laughter reduces anxiety, triggers interest and makes the student more receptive.

  1. Move around

Do not stay in one place when giving a lecture, move around the class interacting with the students. Do not walk aimlessly move with purpose. Use facial expressions and gestures to help emphasize points but be careful not to make unconscious distracting habits.

  1. Encourage the students to remove all distractions

Some students get easily distracted and take a long time to gain concentration again. Encourage the students to switch off their phones, stop chewing and remove all things not related to the lesson from their table. Sitting with a friend may also distract some students. Once the distractions are eliminated, the students can pay better attention.

  1. Encourage the students to take notes

Note taking assists students to concentrate and understand better by summarizing information passed by the teacher. Notes will also help the student when studying.

  1. Refocus the class

Vary the tone, pitch and speed of your voice to show emphasis and grab attention. Give the students activities that will help them refocus like small breathing techniques that they can practice without distracting others.