Top 9 Eco-Friendly Apps for Your Smartphone

Looking to reduce your impact on the environment, consume less energy, and decrease your carbon footprint? One of the first steps involves gaining knowledge, and you can find that in the palm of your hand. Harness the power of your smartphone to help you lead a greener lifestyle. Take a look at these nine apps that are designed to empower you to make choices that benefit the environment.

Carbon Track

Let this free app keep tabs on the CO2 emissions from your regular routine. It takes into account activities such as the amount of electricity you use, traveling, and how much garbage you generate. Geared toward white collar businesses and staff, this app identifies ways to reduce your carbon footprint and makes recommendations accordingly. For example, it may suggest finding office equipment that’s more energy efficient.



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If the Carbon Track app inspires you and your company to think green when it comes to transportation, let Avego take you one step closer. Functioning as a network for commuters who are interested in carpooling, this free app makes it easy to browse and find a driver. Then, you call or text that person to coordinate your schedules. The cost of the commute gets split between the driver and rider, and both have the option to review the ride on Avego. Think of it as a match service for carpoolers.



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Junk mail piles up. Even if you toss it in the recycling bin, there’s still a lot of natural resources going into the creation and delivery of each piece. PaperKarma lets you take a photograph of each piece of mail and select “Unsubscribe.” From there, this free app removes you from that company’s mailing list. Even though it doesn’t work for junk mail that’s addressed to “Current Resident,” PaperKarma allows you to make real progress toward reducing the amount of junk mail you get each week.


Subject your home to a rigorous assessment to determine how much energy it consumes. Thanks to the power of amazing 4G LTE, your smartphone uses this app to quickly track costs associated with heating and cooling your home, keeping the lights on, running hot water, and using appliances. Besides telling you that there’s CO2 emissions coming from your home, the app estimates how much you pay for each of these energy-guzzling activities on a yearly basis. Finally, iViro outlines ways to bring down those annual energy costs.


Engage your kids in green living with the fun app JouleBug. Earning badges and taking part in friendly competition are at the heart of this game-oriented app. This app is full of advice on how to cut your energy bill and reduce your environmental impact. Kids and adults enjoy playing and learning about reducing energy consumption. The creators of JouleBug say that the recommendations the app presents can save you as much as $200 annually.


This free app empowers you to make green purchases. By scanning a product’s barcode, you’ll see information on the product’s environmental friendliness, safety, and how it rates on social responsibility. This app covers more than 170,000 products sold in the U.S. and has ratings for a wide range of goods. Whether you’re buying everyday items like cleaners for your home or products for your baby, this app helps you make wise purchasing decisions.



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Boasting a collection of 1.5 million recycling options, let this app answer any recycling question you may have. Thanks to geotracking technology, iRecycle can find a recycling center close to you. Colorful images and a neat design make this app very user friendly. With so much information readily available about recycling, it’s friendly to the environment, too!

Green Globe App

When you’re planning a trip, download the Green Globe app to help you make sustainable vacation choices. Search for accommodations and attractions that implement sustainable practices. You can even check out wedding venues that have Green Globe’s stamp of approval. Enjoy browsing photos, then connect directly with websites that let you complete your booking.

Seafood Watch


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Want to make the most environmentally conscious choices when dining out? Download Seafood Watch to ensure you order only seafood that’s harvested sustainably. Don’t contribute to the demand that’s threatening the continued existence of some seafood. Seafood Watch helps you choose restaurants that offer sustainable entrees.

By using these apps, you’ll equip yourself with the information you need to begin changing the way you live your life. You’ll have the ability to make smarter, greener choices that benefit the environment, and, in some cases, your bank account.