Super Bowl XLVII Preview

footballThe Super Bowl XLVII match up comes after the Baltimore Ravens defeated the New Englan Patriots, 28-13, and the San Francisco 49ers victory over the Atlanta Falcons, 28-24, Sunday for the AFC Championship and NFC Championship titles, respectfully. This Super Bowl will be the second time the Harbaugh brothers have faced off as opposing coaches. Jim Harbaugh, 49, leads the 49ers and John Harbaugh, 50, commands the Ravens. The first time was on Thanksgiving night in 2011, when Ravens were victorious against the 49ers, 16-6.

The brotherly battle aspect makes it awesome to bet on the super bowl. But they are only half of the show. The other components of this spectacular game includes:

  • Colin Kaepernick – QB, San Francisco 49ers: The team captain that lead his team from a 17-0 deficit, to a win – the biggest comeback in NFC Championship Game history – Kaepernick, 25, completed 16 out of 21 passes, for 233 yards and 1 touchdown. He connected with Vernon Davis, 28, five times for 106 yards and a touchdown. These two players will surely test the Ravens secondary.
  • Frank Gore – RB, San Francisco 49ers: Leading the number 1 rushing offense during the regular season, Gore had scored two touchdowns against the Falcons defense, averaging 4.3 yards on 21 carries for a total of 90 yards. Facing the fifth toughest defense against the run during the regular season, Gore will have to outperform his performance against the Falcons.
  • Joe Flacco – QB, Baltimore Ravens: Flacco, 28, completed 21 out of 36 passes for a total of 240 yards and three touchdowns. He found Anquan Boldin, 32, in the endzone twice and Torrey Smith, 23, an additional 4 times. Smith average 17.2 yards with four catches, for a total of 69 yards. D. Pitta had one touchdown. With so many targets and Rice coming out the backfield, it will not be hard for the Ravens to score against the 49ers.
  • Ray Rice – RB, Baltimore Ravens: Rice, 25, is a force to be reckoned with on the field. He scored one touchdown and had 19 carries for 48 yards against the Patriots. Unfortunately, the 49ers were 2nd against the run during the regular season. If Rice can develop the run early in the first half, then he will be more of a factor. This shouldn’t be a problem since Flacco has a chance to open up the field.