Now Even Flying Together Costs More

This year’s summer air travel will cost travelers even more. Airlines are charging more for both window and aisle seats, with some airlines charging as much as $25 for each way. It is not as simple as just buying your ticket, reserving your seat, checking in and flying. Airlines now want passengers to not only pay for checked baggage but also extra to sit next to companions, including a child or spouse.

That will cause a lot of unhappy flyers during the soon to be high summer season. Now many passengers are already carrying their own suitcases and now it might cost up to $50 round trip to ensure you sit with your companion. Last month, United Airlines stopped a policy that allowed families with small children to pre-board.

For a great deal of summer travelers, it is bad news. Airlines have succeeded in increasing fares on three occasions this year. Business travelers have fares that will surely rise by at least 4% during the course of the year in the U.S. Seat reservation fees work this way. Airlines have started to reserve a large portion of the aisle and window seats for those passengers who agree to pay more for them.

Airlines say it is their way of boosting revenue, but the new policy makes it more difficult for family members and friends who do not want to pay the fee to sit next to one another. One industry experts believes it will be virtually impossible to do so during the summer season.