New Travel Clothing To Keep You Safe

With more and more people travelling to foreign countries and unknown areas, clothing to keep travellers and their valuables safe has become big business.

Recently, new clothing has been launched that has been given great reviews by travel experts. A pair of pickpocket-proof pants has hidden pockets and gives the traveller somewhere to stash cash plus other valuables like passports and or jewellery.

CEO Mike Kelly of On Call International, a company that provides travellers with assistance and emergency services said his company receives a number of calls on a regular basis about wallets and other things being taken from pants, purses and pockets.

Heavy tourist areas such as Italy, London and now in Asian countries have seen a great deal of pickpocket problems of recent. One travel security expert estimated that over 300 tourists have their pockets picked in Rome on a daily basis.

Kelly says the best way to protect against these types of thieves is to be vigilant in the areas where this takes place the most often. Also, leave valuables at your hotel safety deposit box or putting wallets or purses in safe, secure and hidden places. He also said that travel gear, like the recently launched pickpocket proof pants are excellent alternatives.

Body bands are also great ways to carry valuables that are concealed beneath the traveller’s shirt or blouse. There are other styles that are pockets that rest against a woman’s back and over her bra. They are not meant for easy quick accessibility but are options to keeping your valuables on hand. There is also pickpocket proof underwear that has hidden pockets.