BT TV and the Right Package for you

family-watching-tvNo matter what you demand from your cable experience, a bt tv package may be just what you’ve been searching for. Whether selecting a cable package based on your budget, personal interests, or simply on a channel preference, bt tv packages are affordable with many channel options. There are three basic packages to choose from, but many other channels may be added to your bt tv package, customizing your cable experience to fit your specific needs and interests.

The first, most basic package, TV Essential, available with BT Broadband service, consists of the basic BT Sport channels, Freeview (over 70 radio and digital TV channels), a handful of HD channels, as well as the On Demand feature. Vision TV, Vision Kids, Vision Music, and Vision Film are available with this package for a small fee per show, so that you never again have to pay for unwatched television.

The next package, TV Essential Extra, available with BT Infinity broadband, boasts a fairly extensive selection of sports channels, including the basic BT Sport channels, ESPN and Sky Sports option. This package also includes the Extra TV channels, which includes channels such as Discovery, National Geographic and Fox (18 total channels), Freeview, HD channels and the On Demand feature. Vision TV, Vision Kids, Vision Music, and Vision Film are all available with this package selection as well, for a small fee per show.

The last and most substantial package, TV Unlimited Extra, also available through BT’s Infinity broadband service, comes with the extensive BT sport Package, the Extra TV channels, Freeview, HD channels, the On Demand feature as well as Vision TV, Vision Kids, Vision music, and Vision film.

All bt tv packages include the 7 day catch-up TV feature and the ability to pause, rewind and record up to 300 hours of live TV, even if you are away from home, with the YouView Remote Record feature, available through many phones and tablets that have access to the app. All package selections also have the option of purchasing Vision Box Office and Vision Adult with an affordable and convenient pay per view option.

With all of these viewing options it’s easy to see that choosing BT TV will give you excellent viewing potential.