Google Threatening Adult Themed Blogger Pages

Internet search giant Google says that as of July 1, if a Blogger page contains adult content as well as ad-monetization, it will be shut down.

It appears that Google, the platform’s owner, is not happy with the adult-themed sites. On Thursday, Blogger Violet Blue tweeted a notice that was sent out by Google to all the bloggers warning them the deadline was June 30. That is the day the search giant updates the Content Policy for Blogger to strictly prohibit any monetization on Blogger of adult content.

Goggle says there are Blogger pages that have adult themes and advertising that promotes web sites that are adult in nature.

After all the policy changes have taken effect, the company will shut down any of the blogs that still promote Internet adult theme sites.

The letter to Bloggers said if your blog is adult themed and contains advertisements which are also adult themes, they should be removed as quickly as possible in order to avoid any violations for the Terms of Service and/or any content removal.

The most current terms of service for the Google Blogger allow adult content to be posted, but they ask that users do not make money from that content. However, it appears Google has decided to modify that part of the agreement to ensure it will no longer approve or allow any monetization on content that is adult in nature.