Apple Watch with Low Key Debut

Apple Watch officially debuts today in England, but do not expect any fanfare or the long lines that stretch around a city block at the nearby Apple Store.

Apple, which is well known for high profile as well as self-congratulatory launch days when early buyers were applauded by Apple staff when they left the stores after purchasing their new gadgets, the debut of the Watch is odd for a new gadget that carries such importance.

Customers cannot walk into their local Apple Store, purchase the new wearable and promptly walk out wearing it until at least June.

Apple stores across the globe are business as usual for the most part. For example, in London only one place, an up market boutique the Dover Street Market, was where you could purchase an Apple Watch and that was only if you had previously set up an appointment.

Even when Apple asked for there not to be lines outside the establishment, a few fans tried. About 20 people formed a line outside the upscale store early Friday morning, hoping they could make an appointment if there were any cancellations.

It is far from the usual launch by Apple. The company says this new low-key launch is because of the initial supply of the new Apple wearable being limited and the wide range of different options available in finishes and straps that make the sale of the watch a big more complicated.

The company wanted to give the customer more of a personal setup meeting to customize and pair the new Apple Watch they purchase with their iPhone.

This new Apple Watch is just a slight step from the tech world toward the fashion world, and having lines of Apple fanatics and campers overnight is not the way the company looked at selling an 18-carat gold $10,000 watch, that recently was spotted being worn by Beyonce.

This strategy change has only in the past few weeks become clearer thanks to a memo leaked from Appleā€™s Angela Ahrendts the retail chief.

Therefore, it might be as late as June before purchasing the watch by walking into the nearest Apple Store is possible.