Please find below a list of the main writers for Zolmax News. You can contact any of our staff by emailing us at info [at]

Stuart Ham ([email protected])
Stuart is an accomplished musician who has spent many years writing for music magazines and periodicals. He began as a music major in university and quickly moved into journalism. After the success of selling  a few articles, Stu found a job at the local paper and was soon writing entertainment pieces for a multitude of news services across the world wide web.

Bonnie Powley ([email protected])
Bonnie is an accomplished journalist and a mother of four.  Some of her  passions include playing the stock market and speculating on grain futures. Bonnie graduated with an MBA and has expanded her love of Wall Street  into unique articles that reflect her take of the world economy.

Wayne Rhoads ([email protected])
Wayne is a certified sports maniac and uses his insight to write sports articles. Wayne was very active with his baseball and squash teams in college and switched his major from medicine to journalism so he could write while still being connected to the sporting world.

Tammy Falkenburg ([email protected])
Tammy has a diploma in Travel and Tourism and really enjoys writing about all the interesting places she visits and researches. Working as a travel adviser has given Tammy a unique angle on the travel industry which she balances with timely articles on the leisure stories breaking around the world.

Alphonse Anthony ([email protected])
Alphonse has a real passion for all the new gadgets out there and enjoys testing the new technology that is constantly appearing.  He loves acting the part of the tech-head in the group and when not writing technology stories you can find him trolling computer stores and playing the newest Xbox 360 games online.

John Perry ([email protected])
John is the senior editor and loves picking out a hot new story. John comes from a background as an investigative reporter with an Albertan  news agency and is the foundation that pulls all the articles together. His desire is to bring the newest stories to the world in an interesting manner.

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