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Zolmax News has a desire to bring a fresh perspective to breaking events across the world. Our committed staff are dedicated to giving  fresh views to each every article they write.  Our journalists scour the globe looking for unique, interesting content. Many of the contributors to Zolmax have years of experience and wisdom which helps them to bring a non-biased objectivity to evolving world events.

Zolmax News began as a tiny independent paper and has now branched out into a dynamic staff of six sharing world news stories across the internet. We attempt to share the largest and best stories with an accent on business and political angles. Some of the ideals we believe in are free markets and sound money in a global economy. We also stand by in finding the truth in many of the stories we write about and dig a little deeper than the average news source. Finally, Zolmax aspires to communicate simply and directly in a language in which the common person can easily understand.

Our success is directly related by our readers and we encourage users to share our site with friends and others in the world wide web. If you have any suggestions, please fill out the contact form or e-mail the authors directly using the contact information on the Staff page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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